Egyptian Belly Dance for Fun & Fitness

The ancient art of Egyptian Belly Dance is perfectly suited to women of any age, size or shape.

Empower yourself!

Better posture

Better balance

Grace, poise, confidence

Better core strength

Feel like a goddess!

My passion for Egyptian Belly Dance began many years ago when I stumbled on some instructional videos on how to do the basic dance moves. I was hooked from the start! The moves are so organic, so natural to a woman’s body, no matter what size, shape or age you are. The arm moves are so gorgeous and expressive and the hips can move in so many different ways that I still find this art form totally fascinating. Of all the dance styles I have studied, belly dance, for me, is the one that enables me to fully express myself, heart and soul. Once I learned the proper techniques, isolations, shimmies, weight shifts, transitions, turns, stationary moves, and traveling moves, over years of drilling and practicing on my own and in countless classes and workshops, I was able to improvise to my heart’s content, dancing blissfully in the moment to the most exquisite Egyptian music and incredible drum rhythms. I feel empowered, like a goddess, when I dance. In addition to the feeling this dance gives, the body is rewarded by improved posture, grace, strong core, better balance and so much more. I also dance with a variety of props such as the veil (an extension of the body), the cane (assaya) and with finger symbols (zills). Egyptian dance, for me, has become a refuge, a place I can go to in order to fully express my true self and transcend the ordinary!

Belly Dance Fitness Class

Begin with a proper full warm-up to prepare all muscles and joints for the moves to follow. Learn many basic stationary classic moves which isolate shoulders, hips, chest, and core muscles. Next, traveling moves will work your cardiovascular system while also building strength and balance. Belly dancing for fitness is a fun, vigorous, total  body workout that will empower the goddess within you!