My love of dance goes back to my childhood. With an Italian mother and an Irish father, my home was filled with music much of the time, via my parents singing a wide variety of songs, watching musical tv shows (many of which also featured great dance performances), and music radio and recordings being played at home most of the time. Music with strong rhythms always got me on my feet, compelling me to move and to dance. Over the years, I studied a variety of dance styles and began learning more about dances from around the world. After exploring Zumba and teaching it for a year, I decided to become a Certified Group Fitness Instructor, feeling the need to educate myself about injury prevention, proper warm-up techniques, flexibility and strength…all important aspects of dance. I wanted to create my very own program and Fusion Dance-Fit was born! Since 2009, I have been teaching this dance fitness program five mornings a week in various locations. I have also continued my study and practice of a style I am passionate about… Belly Dance.